Tamara Rodriguez

Tamara holds a bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in learning disabilities, and a master’s degree in Health Education from Simon Fraser University. She was a career educator and has worked as a psychometrician for over 25 years, bringing remarkable depth and breadth of experience to her position at The North Star. In her role as an educator, Tamara has experience both as a Classroom Teacher and as a Resource Room Teacher working with students facing a range of learning excpertionalities, including those with learning disabilities, cognitive challenges, and gifted profiles. Further to her work as an educator, Tamara has also been a Learning Support Teacher, and an Integration Teacher, writing IEPs, programming and training others in supporting students with ADHD, ASD, mental health issues, and other complex health issues and exceptional needs.

Tamara takes great care to learn about each unique student, and is ever focused on building rapport and trust throughout the assessment process. She loves empowering students and parents in recognizing each person’s strengths, and in onboarding additional strategies that will support them as they grow. Tamara feels privileged to have worked with students for the past three decades and is thrilled to be part of The North Star team to continue her work as a strong advocate for them and their families. In her role as an Academic Assessment Specialist at North Star, Tamara works collaboratively with our Assessment Clinicians, as supervised by one of our Registered Psychologists.