Dr. Tim Johnston, R. Psych. (#2202)

Dr. Tim Johnston brings with him a wide range of experiences working with young people and their families across hospital, community mental health, early assessment/intervention, and school board settings.

Tim offers counseling/therapy services to children and adolescents experiencing a variety of social, emotional, and behavioural challenges, as well as works with parents to support improved outcomes for children. Tim’s approach to support is informed by current research and is tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. He cherishes involvement of parents as well as other family/community members (where appropriate) in the process of working with children. Tim is known for his warm, accepting nature and approachable style that has children and parents alike feeling at ease, paving the way to sharing their feelings, concerns, and experiences.

Tim also provides psycho-educational/ psychological assessment services to young people with known or suspected intellectual, academic, social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties. His formal training as a secondary school teacher has equipped him with the skills to translate assessment findings into practical and effective recommendations for school-based interventions.

Tim enjoys spending time with his family and taking advantage of the many outdoor activities Vancouver has to offer.