Natalie Connors

Natalie completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Calgary, followed by her Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Natalie has experience working as a School Psychologist completing psychoeducational assessments in the school system, as well as working in private practice providing both psychoeducational assessments and therapy. Natalie loves to see her clients gain an improved understanding of self, open up to more compassion for self, and develop strategies to maximize their potential. She believes the power of assessment is understood in these benefits. Natalie also truly appreciates that every person is unique, and focuses her assessment process on understanding each individual in order to best support their strengths, identify areas for growth, and highlight supportive shifts in the environment and systems that surround them. 


Natalie is in the process of becoming a Registered Psychologist. She is thus currently supervised in her practice by one of the North Star supervising Registered Psychologists.