Keli Johnston

Keli Johnston has a long, credentialed history in the study of child development and personal growth. Having completed formal studies as a Registered Professional Counsellor, Keli is deeply committed to supporting parents in the understanding of themselves and their children, and to supporting older adolescents, young adults, and others in understanding themselves. She has been a career student of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Daniel Seigel, and Dr. Gabor Mate for years, and is also trained in Byron Katie’s inquiry process and Mark Wolynn’s Family Constellations work. Additionally, Keli has been a senior team member for Gila Golub, world-renowned counselor and personal growth specialist, since 2010. Keli’s focus is to have each of her parent clients connect with their own instinctual knowing that, even on their worst day, they are their best bet for their child – an inner knowing that there is something they can give their child that no one else can. Keli believes that when parents can understand their child developmentally, they are beautifully positioned to optimally support their child’s growth. She knows that when parents and caregivers are able to really see the child in front of them, and, can commit to growing themselves in order to grow the child, everyone thrives in living their best life.