At The North Star Developmental Clinic, we offer nurturing support through counselling, psycho-educational assessments, parent consultation, parent groups and professional workshops. We have a caring team of highly-skilled and wonderfully approachable Registered Psychologists and Registered Clinical Counselors who have expertise in supporting infants, children, young adults and parents.

Our collective goal is to ensure each of our clients and families has their needs addressed skillfully and with compassion. In addition to supporting individual children, parents, and young adults, our team offers a wide range of training opportunities for professionals and parents wishing to understand more about how to best support children of all ages towards realizing their fullest potential.

At The North Star, we stand up for three guiding principles:

  • Love of children;
  • Love of the family, in all of its many forms;
  • The belief that all human beings have the potential to be more than okay.

These three guiding principles form the foundation of everything we do at The North Star.

From this foundation, we have embraced four pillars that flavour our approach, practices, and goals in terms of the specific interactions with have with our clients and with other professionals with whom we work. These four pillars are our belief that every person, big or small, has the right to:

  • Be respected.
  • Be understood.
  • Be heard.
  • Be supported.