Jorden Dormer

Ms. Jorden Dormer is a seasoned educator and clinician who is committed to the holistic understanding of exceptional children. With over five years of teaching experience in Canada, Thailand, and China, Jorden brings a wealth of practical knowledge, along with a big heart for supporting students. 
Driven by her desire to see children succeed, Jorden obtained a Master of Education in Child Psychology, with a special focus in School Psychology, from the University of Calgary. She has previously worked as a School Psychologist in the British Columbia school system, providing children with the personalized assessments and support they need to thrive. More recently Jorden has enjoyed her private practice work conducting psychoeducational assessments and providing therapy.
Jorden considers it an honour to be part of each family’s assessment journey. She deeply values the opportunity to shed light on any challenges a child may face while also highlighting their strengths, and strives to offer supportive solutions that pave the way for success. Jorden’s friendly demeanor and calm presence create a warm and welcoming experience for her clients, making sure every child feels valued.
Outside of her professional commitments, Jorden is dedicated to giving back to her community through volunteering with animal rescue groups. She finds joy in outdoor pursuits, including hiking and snowboarding, cherishing moments with friends, and embracing the challenge of learning Spanish.
Jorden is supervised in her practice by a North Star supervising Registered Psychologist.