Lisa Bradshaw, Licensed School Psychologist (#3023)

Lisa has been working in the school system since 2008, as a Classroom Teacher, Learning Support Teacher, and most recently as a School Psychologist. After extensive experience as a classroom and learning support teacher, Lisa headed back to the classroom herself and completed her masters degree in eductional psychology. Since then Lisa has amassed experience completing psycho-educational testing in both private and public sector settings. At the heart of her work, Lisa endeavours always to work from a strength-based lens. She strives to help her clients and their families gain a deeper understanding of the client’s gifts and areas for growth, as well as help develop strategies to support clients in maximizing their potential, both at school and in the broader context of life! Lisa is honored to be a part of a client’s journey, and aims to tailor her assessments to the unique, individual needs of each client, while ensuring a warm, safe, and welcoming environment. She is supervised in her practice by a North Star supervising Registered Psychologist.