Rachel Maja, MA

Rachel Maja (MA) completed graduate study in the area of School Psychology and works with The North Star Clinic as an Assessment Clinician. Rachel has a diverse history supporting children and youth who face a variety of exceptionalities including autism, language based learning challenges, brain injury, cerebral palsy, and various mental health diagnoses. Additionally, Rachel has a research background that supports her current work in the area of assessment, and includes interest in the study of anxiety, early exposure to stress and/or trauma, executive functioning, and criminal psychology. 

Rachel is passionate about building strong relationships with parents and their children, and making the assessment process as comfortable and supportive as possible. Having spent time working within the public school system in British Columbia, Rachel is also very clear about the value of working with a team, both within the school environment and in terms of the consultation process in community. Rachel’s overall goal is always to ensure that her clients receive the best support possible so that the pathway is cleared for them to live their best lives. Rachel provides pscyhoeducational assessments at The North Star under the supervision of Dr Vanessa Lapointe, Registered Psychologist #1856.